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The ancient Enneagram symbol was kept secret through many centuries. Gurdjieff was the first to provide information about it in the beginning of the 20th century to his students in Moscow. After the publication of Ouspensky’s book in 1949 the symbol of the Enneagram became known in certain circles throughout the world … Most people know it as a psychological approach to personality types and suitable for their development. Although such a system is useful within the field of self-knowledge, the enneagram conceals a deeper meaning and additional possibilities.


Basically, we are talking about a symbol that represents the constant effects of the fundamental laws of the creation and maintenance of the world, the so-called Law of Three and Law of Seven, in everything that exists. It is necessary to be able to experience the Enneagram as a living whole and in motion, and not just in thought. It represents the infinite and the finite, what is constant and what is changing, the momentary state of the movement process in which one is connected to the other. 


Man, himself, is an Enneagram in which energies of different levels are transformed from finer to coarser and from coarser to finer according to the laws. Therefore, a deepened inner attention can recognize the laws of evolution and involution within itself. For example, during a meditation or contemplation, one can open up to a much more subtle world of thought, to which, for example, the symbol of the Enneagram belongs.


The Enneagram, like the other great symbols, is not addressing the ordinary level of man’s thought. To approach it a study is needed that mobilizes the whole being. The purely intellectual approach prevailing in the Western world thus, of course, leads to a dead end, although an understanding of the Enneagram also requires serious preparation of thought.


Structured inner work based on the principles introduced by Gurdjieff gives real help in this direction. For example, Gurdjieff taught his students additional movement exercises in order to approach the Enneagram through their body as well. The structure of this kind of inner work is aiming at the “harmonious development of Man”, which affects all three centers (the thinking, the emotional and the moving) simultaneously. 


Although the Enneagram remains essentially unknown, certain aspects of it are revealed through this kind of inner work. This provides help in understanding and contributes to the harmonious development of man, opening up a real cosmic perspective. 


(HL 2018 november)


[1] Ouspensky Fragments of an unknown teaching

[2] In order to talk about it authentically, you already need to know these laws both in theory and in practice.

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