This activity involves studying those ideas which G. conveyed in Moscow, Istanbul and later in Fontanebleau. Among them there are a certain number of ideas, exact knowledge, which are almost unknown or in any case forgotten in other teachings, and which appear as one of the specialities of G’s teaching.

Let’s recall a few:

  • Figures related to the idea of creation: ray of creation, lateral octave, the figure of organic life… Together with and as a consequence of these the parallel study of man and the universe.

  • The idea of materiality of all things, with it’s levels of refinement (The density of vibrations- the density of matter).

  • The path of conscience(consciousness)through self-observation and self-remembering .

  • The three centres of man and the three nourishments.

  • The basic laws of the idea of creation, which are the same everywhere(the Law of three, the Law of seven and the Law of Unity)

  • The Enneagram.