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READING took place in Gurdjieff's apartment in Paris "... which consisted of a salon and a dining room, which was occasionally crowded with fifty people, was a prominent part of Gurdjieff's teaching" The School of the Moment. " always demanded special attention. After the reading, the participants went to the dining room, ... "

In our reading workshop, we aim for two things. One is to learn about Gurdjieff’s ideas about the Universe and everything, or by reading his work Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson (An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man).


The second: we strive to initiate this special attention. The kind of attention which simultaneously points in two directions; one part on ourselves and the other part on the present subject, in this case the text being read. In everyday life there is also a need for attention, but here something grabs our attention however during the reading we strive to control our attention. Our aim to command our attention.

The other is our effort to create that special attention. The attention that is directed in both directions at the same time, on the one hand to ourselves and on the other hand to what I am paying attention to, here is the text being read. Attention is also needed in everyday life, but there is something that grabs our attention, but during the reading we try to direct our attention. We strive to gain control of attention.

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