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Through our group leader who lives in France, we are in direct and regular contact with the Paris Institute . G.I. Gurdjieff Institute This original source of his teaching is important to us.

Occasionally we are given the opportunity to visit the center in Paris.


Paris is the center of the Work, the guardian of accumulated knowledge.

After Gurdjieff’s death in 1949, the teaching continued, led by Madame de Salzmann. They created a system of knowledge, compiled the movement exercises and maintained the original way of the inner work. 


Presently the Institute, with headquarters in New York, London, South America and California,  forms the base that was left for us by Gurdjieff’s teaching. Under this guidance work is progressing in several other countries as well.


We have a close relationship with the groups working in Transylvania, Romania, Germany and in Brazil. Yearly, we also work together in person with members of several foreign groups.



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