In the 1990s a process began in which people of Hungarian descent living in America and Europe who were dealing with Gurdjieff's ideas began to translate P.D. Ouspensky's book called “Fragments of an Unknown Teaching” into our mother tongue. Meanwhile, some of us in Budapest started looking for answers to the burning questions of our inner life. With the publication of the book in 1995 our vision was formed.


Since then our group has existed in Hungary and we collaborate regularly with the Gurdjieff Institute in Paris. We meet weekly in the center of Budapest and every 5-6 weeks we also spend weekends working together externally and internally accompanied by French and occasionally Romanian friends from Kolozsvár. Working together annually for a week during the summer our community continues to expand with members and leaders of Gurdjieff groups from near and far. The leader of our group was Mihály Péterfalvi until his death in 2015. Since then, the group has been led by László Hollán and his wife Verena. The movement exercises are led by Marie Chanell from the Paris Institute.